TIEiVote HOA online Voting Solutions
Online Voting Solutions for Homeowners and CID Associations

We offer a variety of Solutions for Online Voting. If your Association is not completely prepared for the electronic age we can combine services to cover the best of both worlds of online voting and paper balloting,

Complete Online Elections

Designed for handling elections completely online. No need to snail mail any material. Fast, green and cost-effective.

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Partial Hybrid Elections

The perfect solution for Associations that have many email addresses for their members and want to save money. and trees.

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Full Hybrid Elections

Having a tough time achieving quorum? Cover your bases by offering more than one way to have your members have their voice heard.

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Online Voting for the HOA / Community Association Industry is:

Easy- One simple secure user login to access your election process - voter information, candidate statements and ballot or survey. Our email reminders and updates quickly and inexpensively keep your members informed of upcoming online events and new information. Visitors can logout prior to actual ballot completion and come back any time within the voting deadlines.

Safe / Secure- Voters need to login with unique identification and be validated by the database based on a pre-approved association list of valid members. All voting is done in a 128-bit encrypted environment. Individual voting is kept strictly confidential. Voters are locked out of the Ballot as soon as they vote. We have candidate submission monitoring to control and inhibit any malicious intent. Voters’ personal information and client’s information is never shared with any third parties and kept strictly confidential.Green Initiative

Green-  No more paper and ink waste – we save trees! Everything is handled electronically. Information sharing, notices, agendas, candidate submission and review, voting, and reporting is all handled in an absolutely secure online environment.

Cost Effective- Reduce or Eliminate paper and envelopes, printing, stuffing and postage. In the 10 years since 2000, U.S. postal rates have increased 25 percent and that is a percentage that is not expected to decline. Save postage fees today by using our online system.

Time Savings- Updates, completion of candidate statements and balloting are done in real time. No need to wait for the mail to receive information, vote or obtain the balloting results.

Member Surveys- Our system also provides the capability to conduct online surveys. If you need to perform a straw poll on an issue, learn about  your members statistics or demographics, or just find out who would be interested in attending an annual program; TIEiVote™ has a program for you.

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