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All of the information requested to the right helps us determine the best program and pricing for your Homeowner Association or Common Interest Development. With the proper information provided, we can usually get your proposal back to you within a day. If you have any special requests, there is a message box at the bottom of the form or you can email us or call 888-211-5332.
The Inspectors of Election has provided successful Election Services for over 950,000 members in multiple states nationally.

Our multiple options of voting scenarios allows us to handle elections of every kind.

Check out our TIEiVote™ Online Voting System designed specifically for the Homeowner and Common Interest Development Industry.

HOA Online Voting


Looking to get more involvement from your members to serve on the Board of Directors?

Try our online candidate submission. It make it easy and fun for your members to fill out the completely customized questions online. There is even the ability for your homeowners to add an image to their statements. . The candidate statements received online are clean and consistent, enhancing the look and value of your election package.


We are the Experts in Homeowner Elections and our Expert Witness track record proves it.

Homeowner Association Expert Witness ServicesIf you need an expert witness for an Election that has failed, we are here for you. We have successfully handled disputes in all areas of Homeowner and Common Interest elections meetings and balloting.


Do you have a large association? No Problem. We can and have done elections of over 8000 members.

Our high-speed ballot scanning system is extremely quick and accurate. It takes more time to pull the ballots from the envelopes than anything else. The days of hand tabulation are over. The miscounting and mishandling of ballots is not a problem with our AutoVote™ System. No hanging Chads here!

AutoVote Highspeed Ballot Scanning Solution



What about weighted voting for different members of our association?

Not a problem there either. We can handle weighted votes online, a hybrid of online and mailed ballots or all mailed ballots can be weighted and tabulated accordingly.




You can click on the blue boxes to the right to view a simple list of the services to be proposed. Our Proposals will also include detailed information regarding all of our services along with their pricing.Specific Election Needs


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Inspector of Election Services
  • Collect and prepare election information and candidate information
  • Prepare election documents for mailing to members
  • Mail house services
  • BRM & new USPS envelopes
  • Collect ballots, register and prepare for meeting
  • Attendance of Inspector of Election and assistants at meeting
  • Perform election procedures in accordance with governing documents and Civil Code
  • Provide required staffing and AutoVote® equipment if necessary for the ballot counting process
  • Provide all documentation of election results
  • Prepare certification of election for corporate records
  • Storage of Records per Civil Code
TIEiVote™ Online Election Services
  • Full Online Election Administration- We handle everything electronically including announcements of your voting event, balloting and reporting of the results.
  • Hybrid Election Services- TIE offers your members a choice of online election participation or voting using our proven paper ballot process. Our TIEiVote™ system has protections in place to prevent members from voting more than once.
  • Member Surveys- Our system also provides the capability to conduct online surveys. If you need to perform a straw poll on an issue, learn about your members statistics or demographics, or just find out who would be interested in attendingOnline Homeowner Voting. g an annual program; TIEiVote™ has a program for your Homeowner or Community Association.

*TIEiVote™ online voting is not available in all states for all Community Associations. We are happy to research your Local Statutes and Governing Documents to ensure this is a good fit for your voting event.

Online Candidate Submission
  • TIEiVote™ offers your association online access in which members can login with an association specific user name and password to see your voting event information, sign up to become a candidate, and preview candidate statements and preliminary election information.
  • Provide Custom Form for Candidate submission
  • Statements submitted online via TIEiVote Website, checked for validity and malicious content before going public.
  • Online candidate review available to homeowners before the actual mailing or emailing of the notice (if approved)
  • We Prepare both hardcopy and online statements for the election package
Rules and Procedures Consulting
  • Assistance with the development of required election rules.
  • Assistance with the process of communicating rules to owners, in accordance with Civil Codes and Governing Documents.
Candidate Solicitation Assistance
  • Prepare charter and direction for Election Committee (EC)
  • Prepare candidate form and solicitation by mail
  • Assist EC with development of campaign guidelines
  • Assist EC with candidate qualifications distribution
  • Assist EC with related documentation and reporting
Facilitator for Candidate Forum
  • Provide notice and agenda for Forum
  • Oversee candidates presentation at Candidate Forum
  • Provide facilitator for a two-hour Candidate Forum
Election Audits
  • TIE is the expert in election administration and voting.
  • Challenged elections or general consulting on how and why of elections in line with the state and civil code and non-profit documents.
Expert Witness
  • TIE has proven expert witnesses to handle disputes in all areas of elections, meetings and balloting.