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Marj Peterson, PCAM, CCAMMarjorie (Marj) Peterson (1941-2011) held both PCAM and CCAM designation and was a nationally recognized expert in the field of community association development, transition, operations, and management. Marj started her work in the management industry in Minnesota in the early 70’s and in 1981, as President and CEO of Creative Transitions Inc, Marj created one of the first companies in the country to specialize in the transition of community associations from developer control to homeowner control.

Following the sale of the Creative Companies in 1989, Marj moved to Florida and held the position of On-site Manager for a multi-association property of over 2,000 units and the position of Executive Vice President/CEO for a contract management firm servicing over 4,500 units in 23 associations.

Marj’s commitment has extended beyond the reaches of her various business responsibilities. She has been involved in volunteer work in the industry for more than a decade. Marj was recognized by the Community Associations Institute with the coveted Byron Hanke Award for lifetime achievement and contributions in the field of community associations.

Marj also served as the national president of CAI in 1987 and was the first women among 17 managers in the nation to receive the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation from CAI. Marj traveled extensively as President of CAI and as a guest speaker for many trade associations related to the housing industry. 

Her involvement in the community association industry continues, as she is active in CAI MN Chapter on the Board of Directors and Education Committee and CAI San Diego Chapter on the Mediation Committee. She is also a member of the faculty for CACM (California Association of Community Managers), teaches students working towards their CCAM certification, and participates in industry related educational opportunities.

Marj started her specialized consulting business called Creative Transitions & Consulting, La Jolla, CA following her completion of Casa de Manana’s 12.9 million construction and $5 million in renovation projects in La Jolla, CA. In 2005, Marj opened a second office in Minnesota and travels extensively for clients throughout CA and MN. Her expertise and knowledge in this specialized industry allows her the ability to provide Developers, Boards, Managers and their communities with the highest level of assistance in all areas of their operations.

Marj Peterson

Marjorie (Marj) Peterson holds both PCAM and CCAM designation and is a nationally recognized expert in the field of community association development, transition, operations, and management.
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Marc Poland

Marc retired from the United States Navy after 24 plus years in 1988; rising from the lowest rank of E-1 to selection as full Commander; serving in the Navy’s Nuclear Power program.
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Kurtis Peterson

Kurtis maintains the TIEiVote™ and TIE websites; creates the AutoVote™ ballots and tabulation software and develops the registration lists for preprinting the registration and mailing.
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