About The Inspectors of Election

After recognizing that changes in the Community Association election process and procedures are in a constant state of change and will require a greater level of expertise to support election planning, coordination and execution in order to have successful and compliant elections, Marj Peterson, Marc Poland and Kurtis Peterson joined forces to create what we feel will be the best solution for your Homeowners Association’s election needs - The Inspectors of Election, LLC (TIE). Since 2006 we have serviced over 875,000 association members and have introduced new technologies in online voting and balloting software.

We pride ourselves on adhering to our three main principles:

  • 1) Provide our clients with the best qualified and most professional personnel  
  • 2) Provide the most current and most efficient technology to support the election process
  • 3) Protect the manager and/or management company 

Our goal is to be part of your team and assist the Association’s Board of Directors, Managing Agent and counsel in conducting an efficient and cost-effective election process on behalf of the Association members. Below are the three founding partners of The Inspectors of Election, LLC.

Marj Peterson

Marjorie (Marj) Peterson held both PCAM and CCAM designation and is a nationally recognized expert in the field of community association development, transition, operations, and management....
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Marc Poland

Marc retired from the United States Navy after 24 plus years in 1988; rising from the lowest rank of E-1 to selection as full Commander; serving in the Navy’s Nuclear Power program....
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Kurtis Peterson

Kurtis maintains the TIEiVote™ and TIE websites; creates the AutoVote™ ballots and tabulation software and develops the registration lists for preprinting the registration and mailing....
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Homeowner and CID Associations Professionals