Why The Inspectors of Election

We believe that you will find that TIE, with our long-standing expertise, superior technology, in-house capabilities (mail-house and graphics, etc.) and trained staff and inspectors, can provide your association with a more efficient and cost-effective election than can be conducted by any other resource, when our services are compared in an apples-to-apples manner.

TIE provides a complete ‘turnkey” election service and process that ensures:

  • Absolute independence
  • Absolute custody/control over registration envelopes/ballots
  • Received ballot count status on demand
  • Technology to complete most elections in 2 hours or less from time of declared quorum
  • Chief Inspectors with an average of 20 years experience in the industry – we are not CPA’s or Notaries
  • A written certification of the election results
  • TIE has online candidate statement capability
  • A clean, efficient, worry and challenge free election

TIE Has The Programs In Place

Online voting, Paper ballots and every combination inbetween. TIE has the ability to create a service program to meet changing and laws and challenging projects globally. TIE is the premier full service firm, capable of providing either “turnkey service” for the complete election process or “a-la-cart” services. We have an extensive satisfied client list and have successfully serviced over 175,000 association members since 2006.

The InspectorTIE has AutoVote™

For your larger associations of 400 ballots or more TIE offers our AutoVote™system with the capability to scan and tabulate 1,100 ballots per hour. AutoVote™ is TIE's state of the art electronic ballot and counting system that offers incredible counting speed and accuracy. Our individualized ballots are designed for your specific association and fit nicely into the two envelope ballot system. Coupled with our electronic letter opening system, we can greatly increase the speed of the tabulation process.

TIE has AutoVote™

Our fully capable HOA online voting systems designed specifically

TIE has the Procedures In Place

TIE can conduct the most efficient and cost-effective election process on behalf  of the owners because it has created the program that meets the needs of the laws using technology and bulk purchasing. TIE has the right size envelopes and procedures to meet the new USPS requirements for “letter” mailing. This can save the association between 30-40% on their postage costs versus shipping in flat size envelopes. We also offer Business Reply Mail (BRM) for returning ballots.

TIE has the Experience In Place

TIE Partners are thirty-year veterans in the CID industry. Involved in all aspects of operations and elections, They know the business. Members of CAI and CACM and involved in the industry and it legislative action committees. TIE’s election teams are experienced in the industry and are trained by TIE on all aspects of their duties and the TIE Election Program.

Minimize Your Risk!

TIE maintains $1M Professional Liability insurance