AutoVote™ Ballot Scanning System

AutoVote Scanning Software

Our high-speed ballot counting system AutoVote is design for associations over 300 members and offers an extremely high-speed and accurate on-site vote counting system. Attempting to hand count multiple ballots is extremely time consuming and tends to be open for human error. Back in 2006 we put together a scanning system that can scan and tabulate ballots at an extremely high rate of speed and maintain accuracy.

Our ballots are designed to be used in conjunction with an electric letter opener without compromising the integrity of the ballot. This combination of high-speed letter opening and electronic tabulation is what makes up our AutoVote™ system and offers quick and effective ballot tabulation.

Ballot Design is completely customized for each ass oca ti on and can be modified for:

  • single vote scenarios
  • multiple voting options
  • weighted or fractional voting
  • cumulative voting
  • and much more.

The scanning systems catches errors during the scanning so the ballot can be reviewed for validity and either rejected or accepted.

" Colleagues – I just finished a very complex election process for recall of Board of Directors, with election of replacement directors all being done at the same time.  Some of the complexities included:  Bifurcated process – one ballot result leading directly into tally of second ballot. Right to clear delinquencies right up to the time of balloting assured by the governing documents. Whole and fractional members with whole and fractional voting interests.  In any case, precise ballot design, concise instructions, automated registration and check in process, electronic weighting and counting of ballots, and immediate results made for a very smooth election as emotions were high and the weather was cold.  There were a minimum of uncounted ballots and errors made by electorate. I highly recommend The Inspectors of Election to anyone looking for professional results in  a large scale election….."
GM – Warner Springs, CA

Perfect for Large Scale Homeowner and CID Associations!

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